Vision: Maintain and increase Youth membership by working together across North Barrier Branch to develop leaders and have fun

The North Barrier Branch Youth Committee is an intiative that was started in the 2012/2013 Season. The aim of the Youth Committee is to give members in the age group (14-17 years) a voice amongst their committees and within the Branch. The Youth Committee is tasked with ensuring that members around this age group, continue to be involved in the Surf Life Saving movement by coming up with intiatives that entice them to be involved. Some of these projects include:

  • Revitalisation of the Branch Annual Dinner
  • Instigation of Youth Events
  • Input into the structure of Branch Development Programs
  • Inter-club Relations
  • and so much more

NBB Youth Committee at the 2014 NBB Annual Dinner (L-R: Hiteshin Lopata, Cody Roth, Harry Braddick, Jeremy Best, Lachlan Parker, Tori Demopoulos, Marion Jones, Mary Parker, Elyce Dahms, Macey Ronald, Danielle Soutar, Patrick Parker, Cameron Soutar)

NBB Youth Committee at the 2014 NBB Annual Dinner (L-R: Hiteshin Lopata, Cody Roth, Harry Braddick, Jeremy Best, Lachlan Parker, Tori Demopoulos, Marion Jones, Mary Parker, Elyce Dahms, Macey Ronald, Danielle Soutar, Patrick Parker, Cameron Soutar)

The North Barrier Branch Youth Committee works on a mentoring structure, with the ideal to mimic the North Barrier Branch Executive Committee and other similar positions. Mentors are chosen from the 18-25 years age category and have significant experience from Leadership Development Pathways of Surf Life Saving. The job of the mentors is to guide the members of the youth committee and be a sounding board for when approaching the members of their various committees.

Mentors 2014/2015

  • Senior Mentors – Jeremy Best (Arcadian SLSC/ SLSQ) & Tori Demopoulos (Arcadian SLSC/NBB)
  • Mentors – Mary Parker (Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC) & Sally Watson (Arcadian SLSC)

The following structure was decided on at the second Youth Committee AGM held in July 2014:

Youth Committee 2014/2015

  • President/ Chairperson – Lachlan Parker (Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC) – Fiona Clyde Memorial Scholarship Winner 2013/2014
  • Deputy President – Elyce Dahms (Sarina SLSC)
  • Secretary – Hiteshin Lopata (Arcadian SLSC)
  • Treasurer – Harry Braddick (Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC)
  • Assistant Treasurer – Patrick Parker (Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC)
  • Media Co-ordinator – Danielle Soutar (Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC)
  • U14 Junior Surf Lifesaver of the Year – Megan Born (Mackay SLSC)
  • Director of Lifesaving – Alex Finney (Mackay SLSC)
  • Director of Surf Sports – Cody Roth (Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC)
  • Director of Membership – Marion Jones (Ayr SLSC)

Club Representatives

  • Forrest Beach – VACANT
  • Arcadian – Harrison Adams
  • Townsville Picnic Bay – Caitlyn Heyer/Siena Braddick
  • Ayr – Lyndsay Miller
  • Bowen – Tyler Williams
  • Eimeo – Saffron Jones
  • Mackay – Alex Finney
  • Sarina – Macey Ronald

Other Committee Members

  • Monique Fettell (Eimeo SLSC)
  • Lauren (Eimeo SLSC)
  • Chloe Brant (Eimeo SLSC)
  • Lincoln Hardy (Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC)

2013/2014 North Barrier Branch Youth Committee (L-R: Cody Roth, Lachlan Parker, Patrick Parker, Sally Watson, Danielle Soutar, Mary Parker, Jeremy Best & Tori Demopoulos)

Each year the winner of the Fiona Clyde Memorial Scholarship will be appointed to be Chairperson of the North Barrier Branch Youth Committee, members will be invited to join the Youth Committee at the first meeting shortly after the North Barrier Branch AGM.

Meetings of the Youth Committee are held the second Tuesday of every month, usually via tele-link, but also sometimes as face to face, usually in conjunction with fun activities.

If you are interested in the Youth Committee or would like more information please contact North Barrier Branch and we will point you to the right person.



  • Commencement of North Barrier Branch Youth Committee and Regular meetings – not a small task when you consider the 500+kms of coast our branch spans, the ability to hold regular meetings and even endeavour to have them face to face as much as possible is a great step in the right direction, towards ensuring the camaraderie of not only the Youth of our Branch but all members
  • Created a Vision StatementMaintain and increase Youth membership by working together across North Barrier Branch to develop leaders and have fun. Giving a solid vision for future committee and defining what we are all about.
  • Attempting to mirror already existing committees – through electing a Deputy, Secretary & Treasurer, the  Youth Committee such ensured not only stability but that its member will have a pathway into understanding how committees generally run.
  • Youth Committee Facilitates a Youth Exchange with NSW Central Coast – The youth committee was instrumental in the success of the Youth Exchange visit of Young Leaders from NSW Central Coast Branch over the June Long Weekend
  • North Barrier Branch Annual Dinner – this was our first major task and it was most definitely a hit. We re-vamped everything from how the night runs, to MC’s, entertainment, travelling together and even the Youth Ball. As a result of the success the Youth Committee has been tasked with the Dinner again
  • Youth Committee Collects a swag of awards at Branch Dinner – for a group of young people who only formed such a small period of time. Members of the Youth Committee cleaned up at the Branch Awards night, the highlights being the BIG FOUR AWARDS taken out by Youth Committee Members (Alex Finney U14 Lifesaver, Mary Parker U18 Lifesaver, Nicola Street 18-25 Lifesaver & Macey Ronald Fiona Clyde)
  • Our Success continues onto State Awards – Just showing how well the idea is working out of the Three Youth Committee members nominated for State Awards we came away with two, Alex Finney U14 Lifesaver & Mary Parker U18 Lifesaver
  • Youth Committee Supports School Surf Leagues – as a result of the Youth Committee promoting the School Surf Leagues, the events showed their greatest numbers of participation to date.
  • Starting to develop in other areas – members of the youth committee began to accompany members of the Branch to assist with all things ranging from Training & Education, Carnival Organisation, Fundraising and even media opportunities
  • Having a say in development programs – the Youth Committee has become very involved in the Development of Branch members ensuring there is a planning for Branch Development Programs and events, including a plan to include North Queensland Branch
  • Involved in assisting outside organisations and the community – although plans fell through, by showing interest in assisting another organisation the Youth Committee has added another beneficial aspect to their portfolio
  • Assisting Branch Clubs when in need – members of the Youth Committee assisted Bowen SLSC with Patrolling in time of need and has shown a willingness to continue this if possible
  • Becoming Self Sufficient – the youth committee has put plans in order to ensure they are a fully self-funded entity within the Branch
  • A welcoming committee that brings on all interested parties – throughout the year the Youth Committee has been welcoming of all new members that wish to attend, with all taking on jobs and tasks as needed
  • Envy of other Branches – The North Barrier Branches Youth Committee’s success has reached the ears of other branches, with some even contacting our members to attempt to replicate, including becoming topic of the Open Forum at the recent State Youth Excellence Program
  • Becoming a well-respected, reliable, enthusiastic and inspiring group of young leaders – the Youth Committee have all become key members within the Branch and are often sought for advice or if tasks need to be done