The SLSQ Secondary School Surf League Program has been designed to introduce students to surf life saving skills and competition.

The format of the league is certainly challenging and will enable students to test their abilities against themselves, the environment and students from other schools.

The Secondary School Surf League will encompass activities relating to surf swimming, beach sprints and flags, board paddling and rescue disciplines.


 The Secondary School Surf League is targeted at Secondary School students between the ages of 12 and 18 years old, and competition age groups will be as per the following:

  •  UNDER 13 (ie. 12 & 13 years)
  • UNDER 15 (ie. 14 & 15 years)
  • 16 YEARS & OVER

Ages will be determined as per the student’s age as at 31st December:

  •  A student aged 12-13 years(inclusive) at 31st December will be in the U13 age group
  • A student aged 14-15 years(inclusive) at 31st December will be in the U15 age group
  • A student aged 16 years or older at 31st December will be in the 16 & Over age group

Please Note: For individual events, competitors are only permitted to compete in one (1) competition age group.


The SLSQ Secondary School Surf League (Townsville or Mackay) will involve a single day of competition.

Please contact North Barrier Regional Office for the day and date for competition.


All Secondary Schools in the Burdekin, Townsville, Hinchinbrook and surrounding regions are eligible to compete and entry is open to any student, regardless of whether they are surf lifesavers or not.

All students competing in a ‘water’ event must be able to swim 200m in 5 minutes or less (400m in 9 minutes or less, for 16 years & OVER category). This MUST be overseen and signed by a School Representative and each competitor’s pool swim time needs to be recorded on the Nomination Form.


If you are interested in competing please mention this to your Schools Sports person who can get in touch with the Regional Team.