Frequently Asked Questions

Duplicate Members

  • Confirm they are indeed the same person
  • Ensure the first name, last name and date of birth is the same in both profiles, this will then merge overnight

Incorrect DOB

  • Can cause problems when entering members into a carnival (they will not appear in the correct age group)
  • Submit a copy of the member’s birth certificate to the Branch with the name of the member & their ID number from Surfguard.

IP Approvals

  • Required for permission to wear patrol uniforms outside of patrol
  • Must be lodged a minimum of 14 days prior to the event
  • Email direct to
  • Failure to gain approval may result in $5000 fine to the offending club

Special event applications

  • Must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to the event
  • Include Certificate of Insurance from the event organizer
  • Include a mud map if possible

Sign On Days

  • Contact Regional office for collateral and support


  • Review the LIMSOC powerpoint annually or periodically for all new patrolling members
  • Sign on/off and enter all statistics, patrol hours still go into Surfguard


  • Clubs to determine who holds access to Surfguard and apply through Form 49 which is available on the home page of Surfguard (review annually)
  • Clubs still enter patrol groups, attendance hours etc
  • Update committees annually after club AGM or change in office bearers
  • Update gear and equipment periodically

Patrol Requirements

  • Gear and equipment checked for repairs & Maintenance
  • Patrol Gap Calculator updated

Junior Activities

  • Clubs need to minute early start** to Nippers at Management Meeting and send through to NBB DOLS for approval prior to training commencing
  • **Early start means before patrol season commences
  • JAAO’s must be endorsed annually and Form 14 submitted for new awards and proficiencies.
    • Include signed Code of Conduct
    • Include club management meeting minutes
    • Include form 14

Nipper Carnival Competition Skills

  • Nippers require prelim skills and competition skills to be assessed and documented
  • Form 14 Must be submitted to Branch for processing prior to entering carnivals
  • Include copy of the master attendance sheet or pool swim competency

End of Year Compliance Paperwork

  • Submit to the Regional Office the following:
  • Annual report (3 copies)
  • Audited financials (3 copies)
  • QFES/DCS Club Expenditure Report (1 copy)
  • SLSA F034 Annual Affiliation Application form (1 copy)
  • AGM Minutes (1 copy)
  • 2018-19 Club Affiliation Form (1 copy)
  • 2018-19 Supporters Club Contact Form (1 copy)

Cert II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)

  • Is now a required inclusion & award for all Bronze Medallion courses
  • Theory can be completed online through the Members E learning Portal
  • For more information refer to the How to Access Course document (to ensure you select the CORRECT course)

Credit Transfer Applications

  • Applications to be submitted with copy of the certificate
  • Certificate must be signed by the CTO of the club or JP

LUI Numbers

  • LUI (Learner Unique Identifier) issued by a student’s school in Year 10.
  • Schools register students with the QCAA (QLD Curriculum & Assessment Authority) and open a learning account for them, this is where all eligible learning towards a QCE (QLD Senior school qualification) is recorded

USI Number

  • Reference number made up of 10 numbers and letters
  • Creates a secure online record of your recognized training and qualifications gained in Australia from all training providers you undertake recognized training with
  • Gives you access to your training records and transcripts
  • Can be accessed online anytime anywhere
  • Free and simple to create
  • Stays with you for life

Annual Reports

  • Showcase your Club’s achievements over the past year
  • Acknowledge support of members, the community, sponsors and the Government.
  • Attract more members and sponsors by highlighting the positive community activities that you do.
  • Provide audited financial statements
  • Include statistics and summaries
  • For more information refer to the Annual Report Guidelines document


  • Must be held within 6 months of the end of your association’s financial year
  • Follow your constitution and By-laws in regards to how the meeting is called and run, and what business is to be covered

Office of Fair Trading

  • Incorporated Associations management committee must have at least 3 members, President, Treasurer and Secretary
  • To be eligible, members must be 18 years of age or older, be a member of the association, Secretary must be a resident of QLD.
  • Committee members have a duty to act in the best interests of the association.

Managing Patrol Teams in Surfguard

  • There is a section in Surfguard where you can EXCLUDE certain members from coming up when you create your patrol teams.
  • The snapshot below shows the category list – you can select to not display Juniors (as an example) by clicking “Delete”.
  • This way, any juniors will not show up as available.

Carnivals Outside Your Branch

  • Clubs to apply to NBB Director of Surf Sports for approval to attend carnivals in other Branches
  • This is to avoid any conflict with NBB carnivals or events
  • If attending NQ carnivals competitors must have the correct competition evaluation submitted for processing prior to entering the carnival
  • We need to know the names of the competitors and the carnival they are attending so that we can check that the junior competitors have had their season proficiencies completed and that the senior competitors are also proficient.

Surf Sports Officials

  • Level 1 is now known as Technical Official
  • Level 2 is now known as Senior Official
  • Theory can be completed online through the Members E learning Portal
  • Practical component is completed with Branch Dir of Surf Sports or an appointed Senior Official at a Branch Carnival
  • Valid for 3 years
  • All new Officials must now complete the Australian Sports Commission’s ‘Introductory Level Officiating General Principles’ course online before completing different modules specific to lifesaving events in the Member’s Portal. Module 2 – Being a Technical Official must be completed before a member can attend a practical day and get their Officials assessment tasks signed off by a Facilitator.

Club Photographers

  • Applications by club members (endorsed at management meeting of their club) from May to November annually.
  • Applications are to be sent to Sports Team as specified on the circular (released in May each year)


  • SEMS (the new SLSQ Carnival Management System) has commenced trials in South East Queensland.