Bronze Medallion/ Certificate II Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)

The aim of the Bronze Medallion course is to develop your skills and knowledge to perform the role of a patrolling lifesaver on the beach. You will develop knowledge and skills and knowledge to select appropriate equipment (tube, board, AED, radios) when responding to an aquatic rescue or during routine patrol duties.

By the end of this course, you will be should be able to:

  • Contribute to participative arrangements for the management of OHS
  • Describe surfing and environmental conditions and hazards
  • Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Recognise and provide treatment for a range of first aid situations
  • Operate an AED
  • Operate radios
  • Perform radio communication practices using approved equipment
  • Communicate effectively in the workplace
  • Demonstrate surf survival and self survival skills
  • Perform rescues of conscious and unconscious casualty‟ using approved equipment
  • Perform casualty retrieval and support with or without equipment
  • Set up a patrol and describe your role on patrol
  • Demonstrate standard patrol practices
  • Work as part of a team

The Bronze Medallion is the base award for all patrolling in Surf Life Saving. This is the award that allows you to Patrol on the beach, and also to be able to compete in Surf Sports Competitions from the age of 15 upwards.

Bronze Medallion Courses are usually run in house at your local Surf Life Saving Club, please contact them to express your interest


Must be a FINANCIAL member of an affiliated Surf Life Saving Club

Must be at least 15 years of age at time of Assessment

Must be able to complete a 400m pool swim in under 9 minutes, in a pool of no less than 25 metres

Surf Lifesaving Award: Bronze Medallion

Nationally Recognised Qualification: PUA21012 Certificate II Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)


    •  PUACOM001C –Communicate in the workplace

    • PUASAR013A – Participate in an aquatic rescue operation

    • PUATEA001B – Work in a team

    • PUATEA004D – Work effectively in a public safety organisation

    • HLTFA211A – Provide Basic Emergency Life Support

    • PUAOHS001C – Follow defined occupational health and safety policies and procedures

    • PUAOPE013A – Operate communications systems and equipment

    • PUASAR012C – Apply surf awareness and self rescue skills

    •  HLTCPR211A – Perform CPR


Please forward any expressions of interest to your local Surf Life Saving Club