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North Barrier Branch is the second Northern most Branch of Surf Life Saving Queensland. North Barrier Branch was established in 1936 and is located in Townsville. The clubs of North Barrier Branch patrol the beaches between Sarina (near Mackay) in the south and Forrest Beach (near Ingham) in the North, in environments varying from open beaches to rocky island coves, surrounded by reef and the added uniqueness that comes with Tropical Waters.  This year, North Barrier has nearly 80 years of proud history servicing the public and up-holding the Surf Life Saving Queensland vision of ‘Zero Preventable deaths in Queensland Waters’. North Barrier Branch is proudly part of this wonderful, iconic institution, Surf Life Saving Australia. Surf Life Saving Australia has over 100 years experience in protecting peoples’ lives and you should feel proud to become a member of this association and its proud tradition. You will join over 34, 000 people, across 56 clubs within six Branches in Queensland who all contribute their time to Surf Life Saving and provide a valuable community service. As a member of Surf Life Saving there are many rewarding opportunities available to you that will allow you to contribute to the community, develop life and leadership skills, improve fitness, cultivate youth and to interact with a wide network of people. Nowhere else in the world is there an organisation which combines humanitarian goals, with elite competition. The North Barrier Branch provides a range of surf life saving advisory, operational and administrative functions to its affiliation clubs, local government, emergency services and the community.



What we do

  • Provide Courses for Surf Lifesaving Clubs in North Barrier Branch
  • Provide administration
  • Run Surf Sports Carnivals and Clinics
  • A support network for the clubs of North Barrier Branch
  • Provide Development Programs for Youth of the Branch

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